Family Counseling

Each person in a family is part of a team. When everyone in the family is working towards the good of the whole – caring, supporting, participating in mutual responsibilities, everyone wins and feels good while doing so! If one person is off, the whole team suffers and…. sometimes loses. If your “team” isn’t playing together as well as it could be, now is the time to help your family realize it’s potential.
Family Counseling can be very helpful in bringing everyone together to discover where the underlying problems are between family members. Sessions are designed to help each member of the family identify how they’ve contributed to the problem rather than focusing on one individual as holding the blame. This enables the family to work together, everyone doing their part to create solutions towards healthy functioning.

Common Family Issues

Are you constantly repeating yourself?
Is your family fighting too much?
Does your family resist spending time together?
Do you want to strengthen your parent/child bond?
Can you set limits without a fight?
Does everyone in the family treat you like “the maid”?
Are you a blended family that isn’t “blending”?
Is it time to develop more effective parenting strategies?