Children and Teens

Children…. we love them, worry about them, and devote our lives to them. Sometimes it seems no matter what we try they continue to test us beyond our limits! Children & Teens Counseling could be the answer.

Children & Teens Counseling  available at Comprhensive Counseling Solutions by Lisa Stull. Art and play therapy are excellent therapeutic modes to reach your child and discover the underlying issues causing their disturbing behavior. Teens can benefit from traditional psychotherapy as well as EMDR, and though they can be resistant to work with, Lisa Stull has proven success in working through their defenses. Therapy can give your child the tools to have better friendships, get better grades, and be a happier member of the family.
When working with children and teens, it is vital to have time with you, the parents, so you can learn parenting strategies that will set your child up for success.

Comprehensive Counseling Solutions can help your child with:

Excessive Anger
Disruptive Behaviors
Drugs and Alcohol
Self Harm or Mutilation
Anxiety and Worry
Lack of Respect
Isolating Behavior
Changes in Eating or Sleeping
Tearfulness or Feeling Down