Life Balance

Feelings of stress, powerlessness, and irritability can lead to anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.  Without life balance we struggle with feelings of low self worth and stay stuck in unhealthy patterns.  Develop new skills to create a healthy sense of self and identify the roadblocks keeping you trapped.

Family Issues

Conflict, out of control teens, blended families, trauma or loss can rock the foundation of any family. Build stronger and healthier relationships by developing new ways of relating and upholding structure in the home.

Relationship Building

There are few things that have a more devastating impact than a bad relationship. Couples counseling focuses objectively on decreasing the conflicts and resentments while increasing communication and intimacy. By using the Gottman Method for CouplesTherapy, couples will learn to transform their relationship through 40 years of research based interventions.

Corporate Building

Businesses can avoid liability, reduce insurance costs and improve productivity. Numerous “Lunch and Learn” workshops, Corporate Coaching and Employee Assistance Programs can be customized to enhance your business.


An extraordinarily stressful event can shatter your sense of security, and cause you to struggle with difficult emotions, frightening memories, or a sense of constant danger. With the right treatment you can heal, whether the traumatic even happened years ago or yesterday.

Comprehensive Counseling Solutions

Comprehensive Counseling Solutions, CCS, will be a valuable resource for you, your family and your business. Let CCS help you create the life balance you’ve been seeking through effective solutions that were developed through thousands of group and individual sessions over the past fifteen years.  Lisa Stull MS, LMFT, and GCT provides a wide variety of counseling solutions that can suit your needs.

See What People are Saying

“I never believed in therapy but decided to go as a last resort before my wife and I divorced. Lisa saved my marriage! She helped us both work through our resentments and issues. If you’re skeptical or have had bad luck with other therapists, I highly recommend you try Lisa before giving up!”
Dave S. , CEO, Husband, and Father of three
“Lisa has helped me take charge of my own happiness and situations that happen in my life. I can handle stressors in my life much better than I could just a couple months ago.”
SC, Teacher
“My daughter says, ‘Thanks Lisa! You helped make my family stronger.’ That says it all in my opinion”.
Mother of Jenna, 8 Year Old
“Lisa we wanted to thank you for all you have done for our family. Your work is truly priceless!! We will never forget how you helped turn our family into the best it could be!”
MR, Wife and Mother
“Our son was misdiagnosed with ADHD, doing poorly in school and feeling like something was ‘wrong’ with him. Lisa got us on the right path and now our son is happy, successful and feeling good about himself. Thank you for everything.”
RB & Family
“My drinking was out of control and my wife was leaving me. Lisa’s direct approach and focus on my strengths got me headed in the right direction. Now I’m training for a marathon instead of drinking!”
“Thank you for your humor, intelligence and compassion. I will always appreciate how you never gave up on me and especially how you didn’t let me give up on myself!”
Jim, Still a Husband (yah!) A Better Father, Person, and Employee
“Lisa has a way of getting to the heart of the matter and helping people take responsibility for their choices and outcomes. I recommend Lisa’s training sessions for any business. Even if you don’t think your particular business would benefit from a “therapist” speaking – it will!”
Heather Howell, MBA Veterinary Practice Management Consultant